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Aug 14, 2017

If you were ever curious what a typical conversation sounds like with in the Holler, then this is the episode for you! Listen in while Jacob and my Uncle/Cousin 2 ramble about one fleeting thought to the next. As always you can find us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime and if you don't have those our email is

Aug 7, 2017

Lavon is back on the show to talk about spanking, Mike Vick, winning the lottery, the DMV, May/Mac fight, "get in they ass like a bike without seat", and Air Force 1s. As always you can find us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime. 

Jul 24, 2017

We take the show on the road this week to talk to Cody about my Patriots theory, autographs, fruit bootin' and my review of No escape on Netflix. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @OtherPaidTime. All inquiries to

Jul 17, 2017

After a little Summer vacation we're finally back! Listen in while David and I discuss nicknames, the Warrior Dash, working out and steroids. You can find Dave on Instagram: david_double.u and if you're lucky I'm sure you can find him on snapchat. As always you can find us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime. This weeks music was provided by a good friend of mine out of Austin, TX show him some love at If you like this podcast let us hear it on iTunes rate and review its free!

May 31, 2017

Listen in while I ramble about Jeeps, NBA Finals, grocery store cops, reboots, the brain and getting lost. Aa always you can find us on the social medias @OtherPaidTime and via email!

May 12, 2017

2nd show this week! Listen in while Amanda and I discuss celebrating Mother's day, our Chicago trip, #DateMeShow, Cub/Yankees, our new understanding of Buddhism, and being positive! As always you can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @OtherPaidTime and you can send all emails to

Also Strangeland 2017 is coming up in Nebraska City, NE on may 19th - 21st. If you're over 18 and into EDM this is the place for you! Get out and support local events it's the best way to show you care. For more information send Michael Tafe a message on Facebook!

May 10, 2017

Welcome back! K-Brad stopped by last week to discuss football, growing up, and what we're watching on Netflix. As always you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime and send all your questions to!

Apr 13, 2017

Welcome back for another show! Listen in while I ramble about the United fiasco, staying positive, finding a job you like, being a parent, my new irritation with Apple, some advice you didn't ask for and a big Thank You to everyone that supports the podcast. As always you can reach us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime or

Apr 5, 2017

Lavon returns to Other Paid Time to talk about WrestleMania, Ninja Warrior, Movie Theater shenanigans, being a mail man, tense situations, airplane rides, Dave and Buster's and growing the show. As always you can find us on Twitter/Instagram @OtherPaidTime and by email!

Feb 20, 2017

Welcome back for another episode! For the first time since September, listen in while Paige and I discuss nothing important but everything you want to hear! As always you can find us on all the social medias @OtherPaidTime and emails to!

Feb 6, 2017

Welcome to our first 3 person episode! Listen in while we chat about creeps, time travel and a bunch of other things that will make your brain hurt! Send all questions and concerns to You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime! Be sure to like our Facebook Page!

Jan 29, 2017

Episode 42! Listen in while Cody and I discuss memories, anxiety, alternate universes, are they called slippers or flip flops?, Reebok pumps, The Cowboys, Cousin lovers on fox, corndogs, pyramid schemes and the flaws of Twitter. Also if you didn’t listen to the show and you’re just reading this, Cody said Anxiety is made up and people are just being soft. We’d love to hear what you thing about that so shoot us an email to As always you can find us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime. Thanks for all the support and be sure to like our new Facebook Page!

Jan 24, 2017

Welcome back to the podcast! Listen in while Kyle and I discuss the playoffs, upcoming movies, What's new on Netflix, Ghost encounters, Horace and Pete, and YouTube fame. As always send all your emails to and add us on all the social medias @OtherPaidTime!

Jan 14, 2017

The first real episode of 2017! We need a shirt and hat guy! Listen in while i ramble about the College Football National Championship, NFL Playoffs, BJ Penn, homeless Bum fights and new Facebook rules. Be sure to LIKE our new Facebook page Other Paid Time and follow us on Instagram and Twitter under the same name. As always send all inquiries to!

Jan 2, 2017

Welcome to the New Year! Listen in to the final podcast of 2016 with Kelly! We discuss load chewers, The Parent trap, Hollywood being like scientology, airports, New Year resolutions, the increasing homeless population in Omaha, Glocks of Wrath, a few movie ideas and the things you can do in Washington State. As always you can find us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime or by email Thanks for listening and sharing!

Dec 1, 2016

Is America racist? Listen to 55 minutes of Lavon and me discussing Gilmore Girls, the return of Dave Chappelle, Piracy, the Latest updates of the local Ninos, New game shows and cell phones to find out! As always you can find us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime and all inquires to!

Nov 14, 2016

What do you do get over a 5 year relationship? How much should a Christmas present be? What makes you a slut? Find out the answers on this weeks episode plus election coverage, recap of UFC 205, our reviews of apple products and concussions. As always you can email us at or find us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime. You can find Amanda on Facebook but nothing else because she doesn't waste her life on Social Media. 

Nov 7, 2016

Did a murder happen because of road rage? Why can Athletes be assholes? What's up next for the podcast? Who has seen the indigenous panthers and monkeys of Tennessee? Is Cody really Jonah Hill? Find out on Episode 36 of Other Paid Time. Send all inquires especially those relationship questions to and don't forget to find us on Twitter and Instagram @OtherPaidTime !

Oct 17, 2016

Welcome back to Other Paid Time! Reed has finally come back to play our favorite game “Is Reed Gay?” and to discuss diversifying your iTunes, iPhones being too big, dealing with pregame anxiety, On this Day on Facebook, my last house party, forming a neighborhood watch, male modeling, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. For sure add Reed on Snap Chat (reed_reavis) so he can make you feel like your weekends suck! As always you can find us on Twitter and Instagram @OtherPaidTime and send all inquiries to!

Oct 7, 2016

Episode 34 is up! Lavon came back to discuss upcoming movies, clowns, Hummel Park, becoming a rapper, some personal financial advice,McDonalds ordering tactics and a little bit of butt stuff. You can now find Lavon on Twitter @TheRealLDub and on his new Facebook. You can always find us on Twitter and Instagram @OtherPaidTime and send all your questions to  

Oct 3, 2016

After a 27 episode absence Madison is back on the show to discuss what to clean your house to, the homeless, more about the Epipen, trashcan thieves, butt stuff, the debates being ridiculous, drinking and flying plane being ok and about 15 minutes of MMA talk. Madison is on social media but I'm pretty sure she's one of those sketchy people you can't retweet. As always you can reach us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime and our email is still the same Send in your relationship questions; we'll be knocking that episode out soon! 

Sep 26, 2016

Is America on the brink of a civil war? Listen while Dugan and I discuss the USA, intramural refs, past lovers getting married, betting on who will have kids next, Therapists, Fantasy Football, EpiPens, taking advantage of old people, cults, time travel and Space. Dugan is on all kinds of social media so you can find him but it might take a couple of months for him to approve you. As always you can reach us on Twitter and Instagram @OtherPaidTime. Send all your emails to!

Sep 6, 2016

Episode 31 is wrapped up! Paige was back to discuss catcalls, read receipts, working with someone that has OCD and doing stand up Wednesday nights at Barley Street Tavern in Omaha, Nebraska! At this point I'm sure you can find Paige on all of her social media platforms since I've typed them at least 3 times. As always you can find us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime and send all your relationship questions to!

Sep 2, 2016

We're Back! Lavon stopped by to break in the new studio and to discuss Colin Kaepernick, getting Bum lipped, knowing your limits, interviewing for big jobs, staying away from Florida, getting sued for copyright infringement, the eternal life of your social media accounts and 90 other minutes of Premium Conversation! You can find Lavon on Instagram @ ll121588 and probably on twitter by the time this posts. As always you can find us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime and @i_gotem. Don't forget to send in your relationship questions to!

Jul 11, 2016

Finally Amanda and I got a chance to sit down and answer your relationship questions! Listen in while we discuss those plus, Omaha's Comiccon, the cost of autographs being to damn high, the results of UFC 200 and boybands making a come back. As always you can send all inquires/relationship questions to and find us on Instagram and Twitter @OtherPaidTime! 

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